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Face Doctor

surgery game for kids

Doctor games are good to play for children because they will get chance to show their skills. If they have a dream to become a doctor in future then these kinds of kid’s games are very helpful for them. There are so many surgery games available at Google Play. All that games are designed and developed by GameiMax. From that kids will learn basic medical treatments with fun. All that games are absolutely FREE to download.

Face Doctor

Face DoctorGameiMax here come with surgery game called Face Doctor – Kids Game. This game is one of the popular surgery game. Kids are so careless while playing outside the home in playground or anywhere. Their face got injured while they playing and their cloths also very dirty. You have to release them from injury for that use given medical tools inside the game. From this game kids will learn how to take care of face and how to give proper medical treatment. Also free to download from Google Play.


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Game Play Video:

GameiMax the superior game development company always developed amazing kids game and also provide game development service at reasonable rates. For further information contact them on or visit at to avail their service.


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Nail Doctor 2 FREE Surgery Game for Kids Available at Google Play

Hey kids, do you want to become a surgeon specialist? If yes, then grab all your tools and visit our latest surgery game for kids named “Nail Doctor 2” developed by GameiMax. This game is FREE to download from Google Play.

Nail Doctor - 2

kids game


Nail Doctor got huge success so we are launched updated version Nail Doctor 2. Nail Doctor 2 is a virtual surgery game for kids. In this game, players have to take care of injured nail with use of different medical treatment. Players have to behave like a doctor or surgeon. Many medical tools are available inside this game. From this game, kids will learn how to take care of nail and how to give proper medical treatment. This game is absolutely FREE to download from Google Play.


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Interesting Features:

  • Diagnose your patients with the help of awesome tools like the x-ray machine!
  • Treat them with injection, electro diagram, give them a shot or carefully remove splinters from their foot. They are counting on you!
  • Tap to select from adorable kids patient
  • Tap on shower to wash the foot to remove dust, mud over injury


What’s Inside Nail Doctor 2:

  • Four naughty kids patients that need your help.
  • Just as many tools to treat kids patient! Use tweezers, injection, pain killer spray and many more
  • Lots of colorful and cool bandages and casts to choose from!
  • And finally use plaster roll to put plaster in broken toe of patient.
  • Many more features included like Paint tool: it’s use to paint on Toe plaster and also can place different funny clip-arts on it.

Available On Google Play

GameiMax has experienced & talented game development team who able to develop excellent kids friendly games. Contact at or visit at to get avail by their game development service.


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Top 2 Android Surgery Kids Games – FREE available at Google Play

We would like to announce that our developer team at GameiMax has developed a fantastic game for kids and released to FREE download at Google Play. They recently launched surgery games called “Hand Doctor – Kids Game” and “Brain Doctor“.

Hand Doctor

surgery game for kids


1. Hand Doctor:
It’s a very addictive game for kids developed with high quality graphics and attractive sound. In this game players have to apply medical treatment on patient’s hand with different tools.



Video URL:

Interesting Features:

  • Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
  • Shower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury.
  • Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air.
  • Pus remover is used to remove pus.
  • Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
  • X- Ray is used to scan your toe.

Available On Google Play

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2. Brain Doctor:

It’s really innovative concept game for kids. Your children will surly love this game. This is a fun and informative + educational game for kids. It provides many functionality and many tools for play.


Video URL:

Features of the game:

  • Heartbeat Checking
  • Stethoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure
  • Shock
  • Water Spray
  • Dryer
  • Vacuum

Available On Google Play

Hope you like all these games, what you think about all these games let us know in comment section below. Play with your child and enjoy precise moment together.

All these games developed & design by GameiMax. They also provide pocket friendly game development service. Contact at or visit

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Latest Surgery Game “Stomach Doctor” for kids FREE at Google Play

Stomach Doctor7

GameiMax the well-known game development company who developed amazing FREE kids game on different ideas. They recently launch new android game named “Stomach Doctor” for kids. It’s extremely FREE to Download from Google Play.


Stomach Doctor game is helpful for kids to learn some stomach treatment in funny way. In this game, players will feel like a professional stomach surgeon. Players have to do surgery process on patient’s stomach by using medical tools.




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Some interesting features are included inside the game:

  • Check body temperature and heartbeat
  • Scan body using x-ray machine
  • Cover injured part with plaster and allow colorful paint on plaster
  • Remove dangerous germs from stomach
  • Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
  • Many other features included in game which make the game more interesting.

See Game Play Video:

Download this amazing game & teach your kids how to do stomach treatment. You will really enjoy this game.

GameiMax the superior game development company always developed amazing kids game and also provide game development service at reasonable rates. For further information contact them on or visit at to avail their service.Available On Google Play

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Latest Android “Laser Surgery” Game for Kids at Google Play

Laser Treatment Doctor

surgery game for kids


Hey kids, Bored playing same kind of games & want to have fun with different great games for kids. Then GameiMax recently launched most exciting surgery game named “Laser Treatment Doctor” for kids. This game is extremely FREE to Download from Google Play.




In Laser Treatment Doctor, players have to treat their patients. In this game, there are two views named ‘Laser View’ and ‘Inner View’. Players have to treat their patients with use of different tools. They got pain in chest and yelling in pain. So treat those using tools available in game.

Interesting Features & Tools Included in Game:

–  Soap to apply on chest
–  Shower to wash chest
–  Dryer to suck water by its animating sound
–  Chill Pack to remove swelling
–  Hair Remover cream to remove hair from hair
–  Plucker to remover remaining hair
–  Stick Colorful funky bandages on injury
–  Laser to do with laser treatment
–  At last using joystick
–  Pimple remover to remove pimple
–  Dirt Remover to clean dirt from inner part
–  Germ Killer to kill all germs
–  Apply cream on red dots

See Game Play Video:

This game is developed with various interesting features, kids will not get boring while playing this game. Download this fun and addictive kid’s game for FREE and make your kid doctor..!!

GameiMax the well-known game development company developed superior game and also provide game development service. Contact them on or visit at to avail their service.

Thanks for reading this blog and giving us your precious time of yours if any query do share your opinion on comment below.

Available On Google Play

Download Zombie Brain Surgery Kids Game for FREE

Zombie..!!! The word is so scary for all and especially for kids, right? But in our newly game developed “Zombie Brain Surgery” are having some problem in their brain and yelling with pain. You have to treat them as real doctor and give them relief from pain.


Game includes two fun characters of zombies and kids have to treat them using different medical tools such as thermometer, blood pressure machine stethoscope, cardiogram and injection. So ready to enjoy this fun and addictive kids game for FREE.

Zombie Brain Surgery                            Zombie Brain Surgery


Many interesting features included in Zombie Brain Surgery:

– Stethoscope used to check heartbeat

– Thermometer to check body temperature

– Blood Pressure machine to check bp

– Shock treatment

– Shower to wash head

– Dryer used to suck water with animating sound

– Vacuum to remove dust particles

– Injection to be given in pill form

– Cotton used to remove blood and wounds

– Dropper to heal injury

– Stick colorful funky bandages

– X-Ray used to scan wreck bones

– Germs remover to remove germs

See Game Play Video:

GameCastor the preeminent game development company and their talented developer always developed awesome kid’s game and also provide game development services with latest technologies. Contact at to avail their services.

Available On Google Play